Milt Hinton as Leader or Co-leader
Compiled by Ed Berger, Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University

The recording location is the New York City area unless otherwise noted.CDs have the same title as the LPs unless otherwise noted.
 [MH comp] indicates that Hinton was the composer or co-composer of a piece.

July 6, 1945
Milt Hinton (with Tyree Glenn, Jonah
Jones, and others)

"Broadway Holdover" (78: Unissued) [MH comp]
"Bass Pandemonium" (78: Unissued) [MH comp]
"Everywhere" (78: Keynote 639)
"Beefsteak Charlie" (78: Keynote 639) [MH comp]
CD: Mercury 830925 (The Essential
Keynote Collection, Vol. 4: Roy Eldridge and
the Swing Trumpets, 1944 - 1946)

October 28, 1947, Detroit
Milt Hinton (with Hilton Jefferson, Keg
Johnson, Jonah Jones, and others)

"And Say It Again" (78: Staff 604)
"Just Plain Blues" (78: Staff 605)
"If I Should Lose You"
"If You Believed in Me" (78: Staff 606)
"Humba Rhumba"
"Meditation Jeffonese" (78: Staff 608)

January 20, 1955
Milt Hinton (with Dick Katz, Osie
Johnson, and Tony Scott)

"Milt to the Hilt"
'Ebony Silhouette" [MH comp]
"Cantus Firmus"
"Don't Blame Me"
"Upstairs with Milt" [MH comp]
"These Foolish Things"
"Pick'n Pat [MH comp]
"Over the Rainbow"
"Mean to Me"
"Katz Meow"
LP: Bethlehem BCP10 (Milt Hinton: East Coast Jazz 5)
CD: Rhino 74325; Lone Hill Jazz 10178
(Tony Scott and the Three Dicks)

February 1, 1955
Milt Hinton (with Danny Bank, Billy
Byers, Al Cohn, Joe Newman, and

"Prelude to a Kiss'
"I Hear a Rhapsody"
"Moon over Miami"
LP: RCA LPM1107 (Milt Hinton, Wendell
Marshal, Bull Ruther: Basses Loaded)

April 25, 1956
The Rhythm Section (Barry Galbraith,
Milt Hinton, Hank Jones, and Osie

"Mona's Feeling Lonely"[MH comp]
"Out of Braith"
"The Legal Nod"
"Polka Dots and Moonbeams"
"Minor's Club" [MH comp]
"They Look Alike"
"Do Nothing Till You Hear from Me"
"Kookin' in the Kitchen"
"Walk, Chicken, Walk [MH comp]
"Ruby, My Dear"
"Koolin' on the Settee"
LP: Epic LN3271 (The Rhythm Section); 3
titles from this session
Milt's on Stilts [MH comp]
"He Was Too Good to Me,"
LP: Epic LN3339 (After Hours Jazz).
All titles on CD: Columbia 477402 (After
Hours Jazz: The Rhythm Section); Fresh
Sound FSRCD371 (Hank Jones: The New
York Rhythm Section)

May 11, 1960
Jo Jones and Milt Hinton
"Me and You" [MH comp]
"Coffee Dan" [MH comp]
"Love Nest"
"Shoes on the Ruff"
"The Walls Fall" [MH comp]
"Blue Skies'
"Late in the Evenin'" [MH comp]
"Ocho Puertas"
"Tin Top Alley Blues" [MH comp]
"Little Honey"
LP: Everest BR5110 (Jo Jones, Milt Hinton:
Percussion and Bass)
CD: Fresh Sound FSRCD 204

Milt Hinton and Ben Webster
"Sophisticated Lady"
"Stridin' with Ben I" [MH out]
"Stridin' with Ben II" [MH out]
"All the Things You Are"
LP: Famous Door HL104 (Here Swings the
Judge: Milt Hinton and Friends) (See March
1975 entry for the rest of this LP.)
CD: Progressive 7120

March 1975
Milt Hinton (with John Bunch, Jon
Faddis, Budd Johnson, Jo Jones, and
Frank Wess)

"Blue Skies"
"Blues for the Judge" [MH comp]
"It Had to Be You"
LP: Famous Door HL104 (Here Swings the
Judge: Milt Hinton and Friends) (See 1964
entry for the rest of this LP.)
CD: Progressive 7120

July 17, 1976, Nice, France
Milt Hinton (with Cliff Smalls and Sam

"Look Out, Jack"
"Joshua Fit the Battle"
"Mean to Me"
"Prelude to a Kiss"
"How High the Moon"
"Laughing at Life"
"Mona's Feeling Lonely" [MH comp]
"Toning Down"
"Me and You"
LP: Black and Blue 33096 (Basically with
CD: Black and Blue 890

October 17, 1977
The Trio (Milt Hinton, Hank Jones, and
Bob Rosengarden)

"'S Wonderful"
"Queen of Hearts" [MH co-comp]
"Mona's Feeling Lonely" [MH com]
"Right Here, Right Now" [MH co-comp]
"I'll Remember April"
"Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" [piano
solo - MH out]
"Lullaby of the Leaves"
"Re-Union" [MH co-comp]
"Hank You, Thank" [MH co-comp]
LP: Chiaroscuro CR188 (The Trio)
CD: Chiaroscuro CRD188

August 26, 1981
Milt Hinton and Art Hodes
"Willow Weep for Me"
"I Would Do Most Anything"
"Low Down 'n' Below"
"Bye and Bye"
"Down Home Blues"
"Randolph Street Blues"
"Here Comes Cow Cow"
"Miss Otis Regrets"
"Milt Jumps"
LP: Muse 5279 (Just the Two of Us)

June 1984
Milt Hinton (with Jay D'Amico Sam
Furnace, Kevin Norton, and Mike

"The Judge's Decision"
"When Jen"
"Mona's Feeling Lonely" [MH comp]
"Diga Diga Doo"
"How High the Moon"
"In a Minute"
LP: Exposure 6231910 (The Judge?s

September 3, 1984
Milt Hinton (with Louie Bellson
and Jane Jarvis)

"Satin Doll"
"Prelude to a Kiss"
"Cut Glass" [MH comp.]
"Brush String Key" [MH comp]
"Fascinating Rhythm"
"My One and Only Love"
"Everywhere You Go"
"Windy City Blues"
"Joshua Fit de Battle of Jericho"
CD: Progressive PCD7084 (Back to

March 1987
Lance Hayward and Milt Hinton
"Mean to Me"
"Exactly Like You"
"I Didn't Know about You"
"Willow Weep for Me"
CD: Town Crier TCD514 (Hayward &

June 23, 1989, September 27, 1989,
September 7, 1990, October 10, 1990
Milt Hinton (with Howard Alden,
Kenny Davern, Janice Friedman,
Sylvia Syms, Warren Vach‚, Kenny
Washington, Frank Wess, Jackie
Williams, and James Williams)

"A Time for Love"
"Johnny Come Lately"
"Fascinating Rhythm"
"Blessed Assurance"
"Mona's Feeling Lonely" [MH comp]
"Order in the Court"
"Wade in the Water"
"Night and Day"
"As Long as I Live"
"Love Me or Leave Me"
"Old Man Time"
"Travelin' All Alone"
CD: Chiaroscuro CRD222 (The Basement

October 1989, February - March 1990
Milt Hinton (with Eddie Barefield,
Cab Calloway, Doc Cheatham, Dizzy
Gillespie, Al Grey, Lionel Hampton,
Buddy Tate, Clark Terry, Joe Williams,
and others)

"Old Man Time"
"Time after Time"
"Sometimes I'm Happy"
"A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight"
"Four or Five Times"
"Now's the Time"
"Time on My Hands"
"Heart of My Heart"
"I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of This Jelly Roll"
"Mama Don't Allow It"
"Girl of My Dreams"
"This Time It's Us" [MH comp]
"Good Time Charlie"
"Jazzspeak #1" (interview)
"It Don't Mean a Thing"
"Blue Skies"
"Slap Happy" [MH comp]
"The Yellow Front"
"Bloody Mary"
"Milt's Rap"
"Jazzspeak #2" (interview)
CD: Chiaroscuro CRD310 (Old Man
Time) (double CD)

August 15, 1991
Marian McPartland with Milt Hinton
(Piano Jazz) Radio interview interspersed
with performances.
"Milt's Rap"
"All the Things You Are"
"My One and Only Love"
"Willow Weep for Me"
"Old Man Time"
"These Foolish Things"
"Stranger in a Dream" [McPartland solo]
"How High the Moon"
CD: Jazz Alliance 12016 (Marian
McPartland's Piano Jazz with Guest Milt

January 14, 1994
The Trio (Milt Hinton, Bobby
Rosengarden, and Derek Smith)

"No Greater Love"
"Sweet Lorraine"
"Just a Closer Walk with Thee"
Brazilian Medley:
"Manha de Carnaval"
"Garota de Ipanema"
"Samba de Orpheo"
"Fascinating Rhythm"
Ellington Medley:
"Don't Get Around Much Anymore"
"What Am I Here For"
"Shiny Stockings"
"Someday My Prince Will Come"
"Love for Sale"
"Jazzspeak" (interview)
CD: Chiaroscuro CRD322 (The Trio 1994)

May - July 1994
Milt Hinton (with Harold Ashby, Terry
Clarke, Alan Dawson, Santi Debriano,
Jon Faddis, Rufus Reid, Lynn Seaton,
Brian Torff, and others)

"A Child Is Born"
"Laughing at Life"
"Jon John" [MH comp]
"Old Man Harlem"
"Just Friends"
"Sweet Georgia Brown"
"How High the Moon"
"Prelude to a Kiss"
"Mona's Feeling Lonely" [MH comp]
"The Judge and the Jury" [MH comp]
CD: Columbia CK66454 (Laughing at

1973 - 1995
Milt Hinton
This anthology highlights Hinton's
previous releases for the label as both
leader and sideman; the exception,
"Joshua," is a previously unissued bass solo
recorded aboard the S.S. Norway, October
26, 1990.
"Joshua" [1990]
"I Know That You Know" [1973]
"Russian Lullaby" [1975]
"Deep Night" [1975]
"Shine" [1975]
"Mona's Feeling Lonely" [1977]
"Right Here, Right Now" [1977]
"Rosetta" [1979]
"Mama Don't Allow It" [1989]
"Slap Happy" [1990]
"Milt's Rap" [1990]
"Honey" [1989]
"New Orleans" [1992]
"Jumping at the Woodside" [1993]
"Just a Closer Walk with Thee" [1994]
"What Am I Here For" [1994]
"Hindustan" [1995]
"Old Man Time" [1989]
CD: Chiaroscuro CRD219 (The Judge
at His Best: The Legendary Chiaroscuro
Sessions, 1973-1995)