Milt Hinton’s “Chicago” Bass

A bass owned by Milt Hinton is currently for sale. The seller and his agent refer to it as Milt’s “Chicago bass”, and it is described as the instrument Milt used when he performed with Cab Calloway and a list of jazz legends. According to Milt Hinton, the bass was given to him sometime during his junior or senior year of high school in (c. 1929-1931), at a time he was performing with the Chicago All-City Orchestra. This bass was his primary instrument until he purchased another one from an Italian family in 1937.  Other than the information above,  David G. Berger, (as Co-Executor of the Estate of Milt Hinton and the Estate of Mona Hinton), the Milton J. Hinton Photographic Collection, the Milton J. Hinton Scholarship Fund, and the creators of this website are in no way involved in the sale of the  “Chicago bass,” nor responsible for  the accuracy of information and claims made by the seller or his agent concerning its provenance.    



Witnessing Jazz: Photographs by Milt Hinton

Nov. 4, 2010 - Dec. 8, 2010

Holyoke Center Exhibit Space
Holyoke Center Arcade at Harvard University
1350 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA, 02138
Hours: 9 am - 8 pm, Monday - Sunday


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