Selected Solography
Compiled by Ed Berger, Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University

This list of representative solos by Milt Hinton as a sideman in a variety of settings throughout his career is not definitive. He was such a consistent soloist that one could cite many other equally accomplished performances. In some cases, particularly from the 1930s when bass solos were relatively rare, the recordings listed contain prominent bass accompaniment.

November 4, 1930, Chicago
Tiny Parham
“Squeeze Me” (first Hinton recording,
on tuba)
78: Recorded for Victor, unissued
CD: Timeless CBC1022 (Tiny Parham, 1928–1930)

January–March 1933, Hollywood
Eddie South
“Throw a Little Salt on the Bluebird’s
Tail” (vocal)
CD: Jazz Oracle BDW8054 (Eddie South and His
International Orchestra: The Cheloni Broadcast

May 3, 1933, Chicago
Eddie South
“Old Man Harlem” (vocal)
78: Victor 24324
CD: Classics 707 (Eddie South, 1923–1937)

June 12, 1933, Chicago
Eddie South
“My, Oh My” (slap bass)
78: Victor 24343
CD: Classics 707 (Eddie South, 1923-1937)

March 3, 1937
Cab Calloway
78: Variety 593
CD: Classics 554 (Cab Calloway, 1934–1937)

January 26, 1938
Cab Calloway
“I Like Music” (brief solo, slap bass)
78: Vocalion 3995
CD: Classics 568 (Cab Calloway, 1937–1938)

August 30, 1939
Cab Calloway
“Pluckin’ the Bass” (solo feature —slap bass)
78: Vocalion 5406
CD: Classics 595 (Cab Calloway, 1939–1940)

March 8, 1940, Chicago
Cab Calloway
“Pickin’ the Cabbage” (intro)
78: Vocalion 5467
CD: Classics 595 (Cab Calloway, 1939–1940)

June 27, 1940, Chicago
Cab Calloway
“Bye Bye Blues” (intro and solo)
78: Okeh 6084
CD: Classics 614 (Cab Calloway, 1940)

January 16, 1941, Chicago
Cab Calloway
“Ebony Silhouette” (solo feature, arco and
78: Okeh 6192 “Willow Weep for Me”
78: Okeh 6109
CD: Classics 629 (Cab Calloway, 1940– 1941)
(includes both)

November 3, 1941
Cab Calloway
“Tappin’ Off”
78: Vocalion 6547
CD: Classics 682 (Cab Calloway, 1941–1942)

July 19, 1944
Pete Brown
“That’s My Weakness Now”
78: Unissued
CD: Classics 1029 (Pete Brown, 1942–1945)

October 11, 1944
Walter Thomas
“Every Man for Himself”
78: Joe Davis 8128
CD: Classics 863 (Coleman Hawkins,
Alternate takes from this session are on
LP: Harlequin 2032 (Hot Jazz by Walter
Thomas and His All Stars)

September 4, 1946
Jonah Jones
“Jonah’s Wail”
78: Swing 243
CD: Jazz Time 251273 (Swing in America:
The Charles Delaunay Sessions)

September 23, 1946
Ike Quebec
“Bassically Blue” (MH comp and solo)
78: Blue Note 539
CD: Mosaic MR3–107 (The Complete Blue
Note Forties Recordings of Ike Quebec and
John Hardee)

September 1946 [aircheck]
Cab Calloway
“Bassically Blue” (MH comp and solo
CD: Magic 52 (Cruisin’ with Cab)

April 15, 1953
Buddy DeFranco
“Bass on Balls”
LP: Norgran MGN1026 (Mr. Clarinet)
CD: Jazz Factory 22865 (Complete Mr.
Clarinet Sessions)

August 27, 1953
Tony Scott
“Milt to the Hilt” (solo feature)
LP: Brunswick BL58057 (Jazz for G.I.s)

December 1953
Alex Kallao
“My Funny Valentine” (includes bowed solo)
“Sometimes I’m Happy”
“The man I Love”
LP: RCA LJM1011 (An Evening at the Embers)
CD: BGM Media Japan BVCJ37084

January 16, 1954, San Francisco
(Club Hanover)
Louis Armstrong
“12th Street Rag” (includes slap)
CD: Storyville STCD4095 (Louis
Armstrong and His All Stars)

November 8, 1954
Coleman Hawkins
“Get Happy”
“Stompin’ at the Savoy”
“Just You, Just Me”
LP: Jazztone J1002 (Timeless Jazz)
CD: Fresh Sound FSRCD347 (Coleman
Hawkins: The Complete Jazztone Recordings

October 1954
Jack Teagarden
“After You’ve Gone”
LP: Urania 1002 (The New Jack Teagarden, Vol. 2)
CD: Lone Hill Jazz 10113 (Accent on Trombones)

January 1, 1955
Teddy Wilson
LP: Norgran MGN1019 (The Creative
Teddy Wilson)
CD: Mosaic MD5–173 (The Complete Verve
Recordings of the Teddy Wilson Trio)

February 1955
Osie Johnson
“Cat Walk”
LP: Period SLP1108 (Osie’s Oasis)
CD: OJC 1916

February 17, 1955
Hal McKusick
“Give ’Em Hell”
“Minor Matters”
LP: Bethlehem BCP16 (East Coast Jazz 8)
CD: Lone Hill Jazz 10176 (Hal McKusick
Quartet: The Complete Barry Galbraith, Milt
Hinton, and Osie Johnson Recordings)

September 14–15, 1955
Hal McKusick
“My Inspiration”
“Step Lively, Osie”
“Minor Seventh Heaven”
LP: RCA LPM1164 (In a Twentieth Century
Drawing Room)
CD: Lone Hill Jazz 10176 (Hal McKusick Quartet:
The Complete Barry Galbraith, Milt Hinton, and
Osie Johnson Recordings)

March 31, 1956
George Russell
“Livingstone, I Presume”
LP: RCA LPM1372 (The Jazz Workshop)
CD: Bluebird 6467–2-RB

March 7, 1957
Bud Freeman
RCA LPM1508 (Chicago Austin High Jazzin Hi-Fi)
CD: Mosaic MCD1002

October 10–11, 1957
Manny Albam
LP: Coral CRL57207 (West Side Story)

March 17, 1958
Langston Hughes
Hinton is prominent throughout this
LP behind the recitation by Hughes.
LP: MGM E3697 (Weary Blues)
CD: Verve 841660

July 1958
Ben Webster
“Ev’s Mad”
LP: Verve MGV8359 (The Soul of Ben Webster)
CD: Verve 527475

July–August 1958
John Benson Brooks
Hinton has short solo passages throughout,
especially in the first and second movements.
LP: Riverside RLP12–276 (Alabama Concerto)
CD: OJC 1779

August 21, 1958
Cannonball Adderley
“Two Left Feet”
LP: EmArcy MG36146 (Jump for Joy)
CD: Verve 528699 (Cannonball Adderley
and Strings / Jump for Joy)

December 1958
Edmond Hall
“Off the Road”
LP: United Artists UAL4038 (Petite Fleur)
CD: Mighty Quinn 1106

Eubie Blake
“Our Director”
LP: 20th Century Fox 3039 (Marches I
Played on the Old Piano)

Hank Jones
“I Can’t Sit Down”
LP: Capitol T1175 (Porgy and Bess:
Swingin’ Impressions)
CD: Okra-Tone 4972 (Talented Touch /
Porgy and Bess)

January 3, 1959
Benny Goodman
“Diga Diga Doo”
CD: Musicmasters CIJ60142 (Benny
Goodman: Yale University Music Library, Vol. 1)

Jackie Gleason
“I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write
Myself a Letter”
LP: Capitol SW1439 (Lazy, Lively Love)

February 23, 1961
Pee Wee Russell, Coleman Hawkins
“Mariooch” (MH co-comp and solo)
LP: Candid CM8020 (Jazz Reunion)
CD: Candid 79020

1961, Chicago
Tyree Glenn
“Stompin’ at the Savoy”
“Blue Lou”
LP: Roulette R25138 (At the London
CD: Lone Hill Jazz 10138 (Hank Jones and Tyree
Glenn Quintet/Sextet: Complete Recordings)

September 5, 1963
Sonny Stitt, Paul Gonsalves
“Sposin’ ”
LP: Impulse A(S)52 (Salt and Pepper)
CD: Impulse 210

March 13, 1964
Clark Terry
“Jazz Conversations”
LP: Impulse A(S)64 (The Happy Horns of
Clark Terry)
CD: Impulse 148

March 23, 1964
Stuff Smith, Ray Nance
“Play” [aka “Timme’s Blues”] (short duet
with George Duvivier)
CD: Mosaic MD4–186 (The Complete
Verve Stuff Smith Sessions)

February 28, 1968, Aspen, Colorado
(Sunnie’s Rendezvous)
Ralph Sutton, Ruby Braff
“Limehouse Blues”
CD: Storyville STCD8243 (Ralph Sutton
Quartet with Ruby Braff, Vol. 1)

June 1969, New Orleans Jazz Festival
Sarah Vaughan
“Sometimes I’m Happy” (duet section)
CD: Scotti Bros. 75244 (Sarah Vaughan:
Jazzfest Masters)

May 1970
Julian Dash
“Don’t Blame Me” (duet, arco solo)
LP: Master Jazz 8106 (A Portrait of Julian Dash)

June 1971
Maxine Sullivan and Dick Hyman
“Under the Greenwood Tree”
LP: Monmouth-Evergreen MES7038
(Sullivan, Shakespeare, Hyman)
CD: Audiophile ACD250

May–August 1973
Zoot Sims
“Do Nothing till You Hear from Me”
LP: Famous Door 2000 (Zoot At Ease)
CD: Progressive 7110

March 1974
Buck Clayton
“Boss Blues”
“Case Closed”
LP: Chiaroscuro CR132 (A Buck Clayton
Jam Session)
CD: Chiaroscuro CRD132

May 1974
Joe Venuti
“Tea for Three” (duet)
“I Got Rhythm” (slap)
LP: Chiaroscuro 134 (Blue Four)
CD: Chiaroscuro CRD142 (Joe Venuti and
Zoot Sims)

June 18–19, 1974
Danny Stiles
“It Had to Be You”
“In a Mellotone”
LP: Famous Door HL103 (In Tandem)

November 8, 1974 (Carnegie Hall)
New York Jazz Repertory Company
“Someday, You’ll Be Sorry”
“S.O.L. Blues” (slap)
LP: Atlantic SD1671 (Satchmo Remembered)

May 1975
Joe Venuti and Zoot Sims
“Russian Lullaby” (arco)
LP: Chiaroscuro CR142 (Joe Venuti and Zoot Sims)
CD: Chiaroscuro CRD142

August 1975
Flip Phillips
“Nature Boy” (duet)
LP: Choice 1013 (Phillips’ Head)
CD: Candid 71013 (Spanish Eyes)

John Bunch
“Love You Madly”
LP: Famous Door HL1007 (John’s Bunch)
CD: Progressive 7113

July 14, 1976, Nice
Teddy Wilson
“Three Little Words”
“Don’t Be That Way”
“Basin St. Blues”
“Flyin’ Home”
LP: Black and Blue 233094 (Three Little Words)
CD: Black and Blue 233094

September 8, 1980, Yokohama, Japan
Gentlemen of Swing (Benny Carter,
Harry Edison, Milt Hinton, Shelly
Manne, Teddy Wilson)

“Idaho” (slap)
LP: East World EWJ80188 (Gentlemen of
Swing: Aurex Jazz Festival ’80)
CD: Toshiba TOCJ8012

January 3–4, 1988
Branford Marsalis
“Three Little Words” (duet, slap)
“Gutbucket Steepy”
LP: Columbia CX244199 (Trio Jeepy)
CD: Columbia CK44199

October 1988
Benny Carter
“Blues for Lucky Lovers”
“Ain’t Misbehavin’”
CD: Musicmasters CIJD60196 (Over the

March 4, 1989
Ricky Ford
“Ode to Crispus Attucks”
“Portrait of Mingus”
“Manhattan Blues”
CD: Candid 79036 (Manhattan Blues)

March 27–28, 1989
Ralph Sutton and Jay McShann
“Old Fashioned Love”
CD: Chiaroscuro CRD306 (Last of the
Whorehouse Piano Players)

February 6–7, 1990
John Pizzarelli
“I’m an Errand Boy for Rhythm” (slap)
“Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Gosh”
CD: Chesky JD38 (My Blue Heaven)

May 30–31, 1990
Bob Wilber and Kenny Davern
“Lover Come Back to Me”
“St. Louis Blues”
CD: Chiaroscuro CRD311 (Summit Reunion)

June 2, 1990, New York City (Birdland)
Ricky Ford
“Ebony Rhapsody” (slap)
“In a Sentimental Mood” (duet)
CD: Candid 79053 (Ebony Rhapsody)

August–December 1991, March 1992
Russell Malone
“St. Louis Blues” (duet)
“Close Your Eyes” (slap)
CD: Columbia CK52825 (Russell Malone)
Includes liner notes by Hinton

October 27–28, 1992, S.S. Norway
Kenny Davern and Bob Wilber
“Apex Blues”
“Love Me or Leave Me”
“Chinatown” (slap)
CD: Chiaroscuro CRD324 (Summit Reunion 1992)

August 3, 1993
Joe Wilder
“Harry Lulu” (slap)
CD: Evening Star 103 (No Greater Love)

ca. 1993
Jay D’Amico
CD: Consolidated Artists Productions CAP
940 (Ponte Novello)

May 24–25, 1994, Purchase, New York(SUNY)
Dick Hyman
“Dooji Wooji”
“Soft Winds”
CD: Reference Recordings RR59 (From the
Age of Swing)

August 30–September 1, 1994
Christian McBride
“Splanky” (features McBride, Ray
Brown, and Milt Hinton)
CD: Verve 523989 (Gettin’ to It)

December 20, 1994
Statesmen of Jazz
“Moten Swing”
“No Bridge” (slap)
CD: American Federation of Jazz Societies
201 (Statesmen of Jazz)

March 24–26, 1995, Deerfield Beach,
Florida (March of Jazz)
Flip Phillips
“Poor Butterfly”
“The Claw”
“Hashimoto’s Blues” (slap)
CD: Arbors 19281 (Flip Phillips Celebrates
His Eightieth Birthday)